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Grassroots and word-of-mouth strategies can cut through the clutter, make a message stick and persuade people to take action.


The average consumer is bombarded with thousands of messages every day. Grassroots and word-of-mouth communication can cut through the clutter, make your message stick and persuade people to take action on behalf of organizations and issues of all sorts. Grassroots is the oldest form of communication and among the most effective. But many marketing and communication professionals overlook these important, yet inexpensive, strategies


Our Grassroot communication approach is by far the most innovative and effective means of communication that serves most of the functions of communication viz, to inform, persuade and entertain the target audiences on a wide variety of subjects, irrespective of literacy, gender or rank.

Our grassroot communication marketing approach:


Target Areas includes informal settlements, townships, rural areas and many. . Black Box Entertainment aim is to effectively penetrate this target market in all corners of the country. Grassroots communication campaign will effectively address your marketing needs.